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2-Day Issuer Program in Cards & Payments

Cards & Payments

Cards and payments is an increasingly competitive and technology-driven business, with innovations ranging from enhanced e-commerce and mobile payments to data analytics and service innovation changing the industry. While fundamental concepts of payments are still relevant, leaders in cards and payments need to leverage leading tools and techniques to gain a strategic advantage.

The Issuer Program will use the Issuer Value Chain Framework to take participants through the key components of the cards and payments business. Starting with marketing, participants will look at product development and promotion channels, then will examine how to use tools such as data analytics or social media for acquisition, activation usage and retention. The workshop will also discuss new credit risk tools and techniques, from alternative scoring to enhanced collections, as well as practices for managing fraud risk better amidst the challenges of increasingly sophisticated fraud syndicates and cyber-threats. New channels and practices can move the customer experience up to a new level as well. And behind the scenes, digital operations and technology are enabling faster and more efficient support. Participants will also look at how these practices drive financial results by focusing on key revenue and expense drivers for payments, and opportunities to enhance the P&L.

Courses can be customized and shortened or lengthened to meet clients’ needs.


Our expert trainer will take you through the complexities of the cards and payments sector by exploring the critical issues, challenges and opportunities. Starting with the frameworks and analytics that underpin the industry, participants will look at the key drivers and how to use them better to gain competitive advantage.

The session will include videos that demonstrate leading practices in the
payments industry, case studies that enable participants to put concepts into practice and other resources designed to enhance the learning experience.

At the end of the two days, participants be
better positioned to compete more effectively and take advantage of the rapid developments in the industry, as well as how to look over the horizon and prepare for what’s coming next.

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